Paris Holiday Apartments
Paris Holiday Apartments

Questions / Answers

Apartment Keys

 We meet you directly on arrival at the apartment to give you keys.  


Apartment Location Overview

The apartment is very centrally located and in a safe area. The apartments is within easy walking distance of local market streets, metro stations, and many sites can be visited on foot from the apartment.


Booking Inquiry on Apartment(s)

To book an apartment, or inquiry as to availability, click here: Booking Form. To confirm a booking, a  deposit of around 40 percent the total rental charge is required, payable by credit card, bank transfer or check (for banks in USA or France personal checks are accepted).



The apartment is very popular, and often we have to turn people away due to exisiting bookings. Thus last minute cancellations mean lost revenues. Cancellations received 3 months prior to your first rental date receive the full refund of any booking deposit less 30 euros fee. Cancellations received within 3 months prior to your first rental date forfeit the downpayment sent.   We will however attempt to re- rent the apartment and we will refund to you for the specific number of nights we are able to re- rent.   You are never liable for any more than the downpayment amount, even if you cancel very last minute.                   Also see "Depoit" paragraph below.


Car Parking

There is an underground parking lot within 1 to 3 blocks of the apartment. Parking can be located by following signs with a large blue ‘P’ when driving.   Ask us by email if you need to know nearest parking to the apartment.


Check In/Check Out Times

Check in :  9.30am onwards (note we may be cleaning when you arrive if same day turnover)
Check out: 9.30am (you can leave your packed bags until 11.30am - and if no one comes the morning of your last day we will allow you to use the apartment until later on - but please do check with us first, as many guests arrive from the USA and Asia, and flights arrive in Paris in the morning, we give preference to arrivals, allowing guests to be in the apartments early).  


If you are not leaving Paris before noon, then we will make every effort to help you keep your luggage stored until later on.  We try to be flexible on arrivals/departures, with the understanding that as a rule preference is given to arrivals.



The rental includes the initial cleaning just prior to arrival. If you would like cleaning(s) during your stay, this can be arranged in advance for an additional fee. During your stay cleaning includes complete change of towels and sheets and generally costs 70 Euros.


Cooling/Heating Elements in Apts

The apartment has several electric fans and of course has heat in winter months. 



We do not require a security deposit. A down payment of the rental total is required. Usually guests send a deposit of 30 to 40 percent of the rental total (either sent by check, bank transfer, or by credit card with Paypal). Downpayment deposit is to be received by us within 12 calendar days of your confirmed booking date. All bookings without a downpayment deposit received by us within 12 calendar days will be cancelled, and you will be notified by email as such. The remainder of the rental payment is due within four to six weeks prior to your first rental day unless otherwise agreed to by email in which case it can be paid on arrival in cash.
Note: These deposit and payment terms are very flexible when compared to other rental agencies requiring significant payment well in advance and with high cancellation fees.



The Left Bank Spacious 1 Bedroom  has an elevator.  We can help you bring up your bags on arrival if you wish.


Internet Access

The apartment hasWireless internet available. 


Keys (Apartment)

We meet you on arrival to let you in and give you keys.  

Keys are to be left in the apartments on last day.


Maximum Occupancy

Naturally, we'd love to have everyone visit Paris and stay at our apartments! And we'll make every effort to accomodate each guest. However, each apartment can only hold a certain amount of occupants and this is maximum of 4 at the Left Bank 1 Bedroom apartment.



By check, bank transfer, or with credit card through the online secured payment site, in Euros or the USD equivalent. Payments through Paypal can be completed by clients who have Paypal accounts, or credit card details can be provided to us via email or telephone to complete the downpayment on paypal. We do not keep credit card infirmation on file once the downpayment is completed. See information above under Deposit paragraph.




Taxis can be flagged on the street (they are available if the Taxi light on the cap roof is on). There are taxi stands near most Metro stops as well (look for blue ‘Taxi’ sign) and taxis can be ordered in advance to pick you up at the apartment (on, for example, your departure date).
Taxi telephone numbers are noted in all apartments on the Apartment Info sheets.



There is a fixed telephone, which accept all incoming calls and all LOCAL outgoing calls.  


Tipping in Paris

Generally tips are included in all meals. Parisians tend, however, to leave an additional a Euro or less on the table for drinks, or 2 or 3  Euros for dinner (unless you are at a very fancy restaurant in which case people leave generally 10 Euros). For all other (hairdressers/taxis) 10 to 15% is the standard.​